Fitting Carpets/Underlay Services in Emirates

If you are looking for Fitting Carpets/Underlay services, Carpet Doctor is the best option for you! Our team members have expert knowledge and a huge amount of experience of all aspects of the carpet industry

Quality Fitting Carpets

All Carpet Doctor members pride themselves on the quality of their professional fitting service. Fitters have been trained to a high standard to ensure maximum performance from your carpet. The benefits of having a carpet fitted correctly are so important as the life of your carpet depends on it.
A badly fitted carpet will wear twice as quickly and cost you more in the long run. We strongly advise that carpets are fitted by skilled professionals you can trust.


A new carpet deserves a quality new underlay to ensure optimum performance. A quality underlay will improve the life of your carpet up to 50% and ultimately save you money.

Why Underlay?

  • Underlay makes carpet feel and look better.
  • Underlay provides cushioning and makes the carpet more comfortable.
  • Underlay protects the carpet and improves appearance retention. Looking newer for longer.
  • Underlay makes the carpet lasts longer.
  • Underlay acts as a shock absorber enabling the carpet to last significantly longer.
  • Underlay reduces energy costs.
  • Underlay makes your carpet safer.

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