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About Us

Carpet Doctor History

Carpet Doctor established 2001 with a focusses on offering value through services excellence, realistic pricing and full attention to detail.

Our aim is to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers through good management and reliability.

A cleaning service that is well managed by an experienced team dedicated to your premises. All staff carefully recruited trained and valued providing you with continuity of duty and having the experience of more than 15 Years in the same field within the U.A.E itself.

carpet doctor cleaning services

Who We Are

Carpet Doctor specializes in providing professional interiors maintenance and cleaning services using highly skilled professionals, advanced technologies and sustainable solutions. Set up five years ago, Carpet Doctor is proud to be associated with some of the region’s most prestigious clients from the commercial, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Our advanced techniques and solutions are available to any size and budgets and our services packages can be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of our clients whether they require a single service or long term contracts.

We are happy giving you flexibility and peace of mind. We will take extreme care of your requirements will deal with it effectively and efficiently.

We offer a range of commercial cleaning company services, including one-off cleans and Annual / Monthly contracts basis. We try to tailor for everyone’s needs.

We offer four different types of cleaning – Daily Cleaning, Periodical Cleaning, Special Cleaning, and Segment Cleaning.