Is your child an artist who uses your carpet, rugs and curtains as his canvas? Or are you planning to change your carpet next month? Did you spill coffee in your car yesterday? Or does your hotel tiles not shine like they used to when they were new? Carpet Doctor is there to help you out!

From residential cleaning to commercial cleaning, we’ve got you covered. We provide you carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and steaming, tile cleaning, hotel corridor cleaning, hospitality services, hotel rooms and rugs cleaning services, installation and maintenance of parquet flooring, hotel ballroom cleaning, curtain cleaning and steaming, and marble cleaning and polishing.

These services not only make your space look better, but also reduce many problems related to health. The dirt causes many problems for one’s health. Research showed one office water cooler to house 2.7 million germs per square inch!  This emphasizes the importance of commercial cleaning.

In a commercial environment, a cleaner space not only looks good, but also improves your brand reputation. If your windows and tiles are smudgy, or the carpet or the curtains have stains, or if your premises smell bad, this will automatically create a negative impact on your customers. On the other side, in residential environment, your house needs to look perfect! The curtains should be clean, the carpets should be stainless, and the parquet flooring should be in perfect condition.

Carpet doctor is a trusted cleaning service, which provides both, commercial and residential cleaning services. We have an experience of cleaning offices from all industries, and residential plots of all sizes, and we guarantee to make your experience worth it!